Established in 2013, Numada is led by senior partners who have been helping companies in Indonesia to develop projects and raise financing since 1991. We combine local knowledge and global expertise in our advice on strategy, policy, sustainability, and development, management and financing of major projects.


Numada helps clients to preserve natural capital, implement sustainability and health & safety policies, and develop traditional and renewable energy sources and critical natural resources for the global energy transition.


Numada helps clients to identify, develop, structure, market and manage real estate projects and premium properties to access investment opportunities in Indonesia’s challenging and rewarding real estate environment.


Numada is deeply involved in Indonesia’s burgeoning digital economy, helping to develop the benefits of blockchain technology and financial innovation to clients and startup projects in our sectors of interest.

Established in 2013

PT Numada is a consulting company based in Jakarta, Indonesia, as a foreign investment (penanaman modal asing) company with the approval of the Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board (Badan Koordinasi Penanaman Modal).

About Us

Optimizing Success through Strategic Leadership

Our aim is to maximize the success of strategies, businesses and projects by providing advice and management services based on sustainability; diversity, equity & inclusion; prioritization of health & safety; international standards of reporting & governance; and ethical business principles and practices.