We have deep experience and expertise in the fields of energy, real estate, infrastructure, capital markets and sustainability. Our partners directly manage all engagements while maintaining close access to senior talent with a wide range of local knowledge and international expertise, as well as to additional qualifed junior staff who are available to work on a project basis.

In each of these areas, Numada provides Indonesia-specific knowledge and experience, which is particularly critical to risk management for corporates entering Indonesia or diversifying into new activities.

 Numada is currently active and up to date in the following areas of assignment:

  • Carbon management policy & compliance
  • LNG logistics and supply
  • Forest & ocean conservation management
  • Renewable energy project development
  • Assessment of carbon credit-generating assets
  • Natural resource and industrial project management and finance
  • Flare gas & stranded gas monetization
  • Battery minerals, oil & gas and geothermal resource assessment, acquisition and development
  • Supply chain sustainability tracking & audit
  • Health & safety audit and compliance
  • Senior management country briefing
  • Villa and condominium project marketing
  • Real estate project development management and oversight
  • Global capital markets debt and equity issues
  • Tax efficient property ownership structuring
  • Blockchain regulation and business use cases
  • Ecotourism and sustainable building planning and certification
  • Digital economy and venture capital
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Major property acquisition, sale & leasing
  • Destination tourism project development


Numada has the skills and experience to handle complex property transactions and to drive property development projects toward successful outcomes.

Our areas of excellence are:

  • Real estate ownership and structuring to adapt to the nuances of Indonesian property law, manage security of title risk, and take full advantage of tax mitigation strategies
  • Property planning and development – understanding the project lifecycle
  • Project marketing for villas, condominiums and condotels
  • Development, finance, project management and construction oversight of residential, commercial, hotel & resort and destination tourism projects
  • Industrial property and supply chain logistics
  • Fractional property ownership based on blockchain tokenization, real estate investment trusts, and time sharing and joint venture ownership
  • Planning, execution, certification and marketing for ecotourism, surfing and remote tourism, and sustainable building projects
  • Separation of management and ownership; engagement and negotiation of management by branded hotel and resort operators
  • All aspects of major property acquisition, leasing and sale, including feasibility, site selection, due diligence, valuation and negotiation

Development and construction of projects is a complex discipline with common features across the spectrum of activities from real estate development, to natural resources, to infrastructure and process manufacturing. This discipline is international but with important considerations that are specific to Indonesia.

Numada can advise on these considerations, coordinate diverse functions, and help to source all required expertise:

  • Land acquisition
  • Licensing & permits
  • Design & architecture
  • Quantity surveyor & cost estimation
  • General or EPC contractor
  • Engineering specialists & consultants
  • Prefabrication
  • Projections & project finance
  • Legal & contractual
  • Marketing & public relations
  • Social & environmental assessments
  • SHE processes & compliance
  • Standards & certifications
  • Tax consultancy & advice


Numada can make your nature-based project succeed by managing the key elements including:

  • Project design that ensures social justice, is ecologically sound and economically viable
  • Timely, efficient and cost effective measurement, reporting and verification (MRV)
  • The use of the most effective modern technologies to support MRV, detect incursions and manage wildfires
  • Compliance with all statutes at all levels of government; with international standards for gender equality and workers’ rights; and with achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals 
  • Obtaining and maintaining licenses to operate and a firm foundation of governmental and societal support
  • Nurturing of your project through the complex process of achieving certification to international standards 
  • Conducting feasibility studies, AMDAL and UKL-UPL, social baselines, biodiversity baselines, market analysis
  • Financial modelling, work programs and budgets, growth planning, business development
  • Developing the project risk register and ensuring that funding is in place
  • Managing project EPC, construction, commissioning and operations

Our team is available to assist in your Forestry Sector activities in roles including:

  • Project establishment and design
  • Due diligence review of project investment
  • Carbon credit certification process management & advisory
  • Independent review of carbon credits offered for sale 
  • Supporting studies including baseline surveys and feasibility studies
  • Co-developer with responsibility for local social & regulatory conditions
  • Analysis of ecosystem services and biodiversity
  • Analysis & design of alternative monetization approaches
  • Financial advisor for fundraising & ownership structuring
  • Corporate carbon management & compliance trading
  • Policy analysis and consulting


Numada works with its oil and gas clients across the entire value chain to capture the full value of their assets through better design, tough project management, and safer and more efficient operations.

We create change that matters and is relevant to today’s world – using novel growth strategies, safety, operational excellence, digital transformation and the best resource management techniques to guide companies towards lasting transformation, relevance, sustainability and profitability.

Numada helps its oil & gas clients to manage:


Geologic mapping, seismic interpretation, geologic modelling, prospects and leads, well design, well site and prospect appraisal. Clients will minimize their risks and maximize their probability of success.


Reservoir analysis, petrophysics, reservoir modelling, plan of development and EPC. Clients will minimize cost, maximize reserves and optimize production.


Refinery design and operations planning, LNG, CNG, LPG, storage and delivery infrastructure, markets and trading. Clients will benefit from fit for purpose processing design, FEED, EPC and commissioning – and will navigate today’s fast paced and interconnected markets, through deep experience, rigorous analysis and digitalization.

Global Gas:

High value outcomes across the entire natural gas supply chain. Clients will to position their gas as a key element of the energy transition.

The Energy Transition:

Greenhouse gas footprints, strategies for reducing carbon intensity and targets for decarbonization. Clients must not only understand but publicize their position on these issues. Numada can deliver turnkey solutions, or work closely with the company on energy transition planning on an ongoing, collaborative basis.


Strategies for pursuing growth and creating value, in an uncertain and volatile market. Clients will establish and communicate their value proposition.


Skills-based workplace equality and fairness, structured professional development, good corporate governance, risk management and a culture of safety first. Clients achieve an organization engineered for success, against a backdrop of radical changes in the way the world works.

For smaller oil companies contracting with Numada to provide management assistance on their own oil & gas concessions, Numada can increase the reserves base of their concessions and optimize production while assuming responsibility for safe and sustainable operations. We work in partnership with a successful European EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery) company that will know how to increase recovery rates.

Numada’s oil & gas team members have outstanding experience and accomplishments, including:

  • Successfully added more than 5 billion barrels equivalent of new recoverable oil & gas reserves internationally through focused exploration
  • Added more than 100 million barrels of recoverable reserves through well history review
  • Involvement in almost all the PSCs operating in Indonesia between 1990 and 2018
  • Participation in successful EOR projects that have increased reservoir recovery factors by up to 30%
  • Successful leadership of safety culture change programs and put in place stringent SH&E management practices focusing on zero harm and zero LTIs
  • Implementation of decarbonization programs at existing and new oil and gas fields, including programs targeting the elimination of gas flaring