Our aim is to maximize the success of strategies, businesses and projects by providing advice and management services based on sustainability; diversity, equity & inclusion; prioritization of health & safety; international standards of reporting & governance; and ethical business principles and practices.

How We Operate

Our partners directly manage all engagements while maintaining close access to senior talent with a wide range of local knowledge and international expertise, as well as to additional qualifed junior staff who are available to work on a project basis.

For international clients, Numada provides straightforward and objective advice about the practicalities and difficulties of doing business in Indonesia. For domestic clients, Numada helps them position themselves to meet international standards and expectations as they interface with strategic and financial markets. Numada’s advice is always in the context of global and regional events and conditions, and of how clients or their counterparties can best benefit from Indonesia’s strengths and opportunities.

We structure and execute major transactions such as the sale and leasing of real property and assets, public and private capital markets offerings, project financings, and the acquisition or disposal of companies and business lines. We connect investors with projects, buyers with sellers and lessees with lessors.


Numada’s partners are Bret Mattes (since 2017), an earth scientist, oceanographer and economist who is a community leader in sustainability and has a proven track record in oil & gas, renewable energy and infrastructure; Luke Rowe (since 2019), a property marketing and development specialist who has been a leader in the sector in Indonesia over the past 25 years; and Tom Shreve (since 2015), a lawyer who has worked in Indonesia since 1991 in the fields of corporate finance, capital markets, mergers & acquisitions, contract negotiation and project development; and Andrew Campbell (since 2024), a media, real estate and marketing specialist who has been working in Indonesia for 20 years. 

See Our Full Team

We manage and coordinate projects of all sizes on behalf of the client from planning, development and financing to construction, operations and maintenance. Our deep knowledge of Indonesia allows us to advise efficiently and effectively on local requirements and processes, such as licensing, land acquisition, procurement and compliance. We deliver projects sustainably, safely, on time and within budget.

We assist in the procurement of service providers outside the scope of our own engagement, such as architects, engineers, contractors, lawyers, bankers, tax advisors and accountants. Our role is complementary to those of international consulting engineering firms and international investment banks. We can supplement the client’s personnel and expertise when its team is not yet complete or still lacks experience with local conditions.