Thomas W. Shreve J.D. has over 30 years’ experience as a business executive, investment banker, lawyer and consultant. Since 1991 he has lived in Indonesia, where he has managed many ground-breaking transactions, held positions of responsibility in a broad range of industries, and achieved a deep understanding of emerging markets and cross-cultural issues.

Mr. Shreve’s transactional experience includes managing the acquisition of F.C. Internazionale (Milan), the sale of Bank Niaga by the Indonesian Government, and numerous international and domestic initial public offerings and bond issues. His main areas of technical expertise are mergers and acquisitions, project financing and structuring, arrangement of securities issues and commercial loans, and general contract negotiation and mediation.


Bret Mattes is an earth scientist and economist, trained in Australia, Canada and the US, with over 30 years of experience in the global energy and resources sector. He was CEO of Star Energy, an Indonesian oil & gas and geothermal energy producer that operates the 230MW Wayang Windu geothermal project in West Java for 7 years, and has worked on numerous other renewable energy and petroleum projects in Indonesia and throughout the region.

Bret is an accomplished project manager and dealmaker who brings a wealth of Asia-Pacific energy expertise to Numada, having held high level executive positions with several major resource companies. He is currently a Senior Advisor on power generation at PT.Pertamina (Persero). He has been Vice President at BHP Billiton, a Director of North West Shelf Gas Pty Ltd, Vice President at Australian LNG Pty Ltd, and an Exploration Manager at Shell International, based in The Hague. He is the Chairman of the Association of Low Carbon Businesses in Indonesia (ALBI), and has held more than 50 executive and non-executive directorships in business, health, energy, SOEs and the arts in Australia and the Asia Pacific.


Luke Rowe is responsible for real estate project development, marketing and management, and for acquisitions and disposals in the property sector.

He brings to the role his experience of more than 20 years in the real estate industry including as a Director at JLL, Procon Indah, and Duta Anggada Group. Luke has had the benefit of seeing both sides of the real estate business, real estate agency services and property development. He has been involved in numerous projects involving commercial office leasing and residential project marketing.

Luke provided high-level consulting to BPPN, the Indonesian Bank Restructuring Agency, and was responsible for the creation of their asset management monitoring system which was used to oversee the largest portfolio of property ever handled by a single body in Indonesia.


For major assignments requiring sector-specific expertise, Numada will assemble an outstanding team of local and international staff. Here are examples from two areas currently important to our business.


Tom Shreve

Partner & Finance Advisor

An Indonesian capital markets leader with long experience of corporate finance planning and finance function management; experience with blockchain & tokenization

Bret Mattes

Partner & Team Leader

Former CEO of Star Energy and advisor to Pertamina on new & renewable energy and carbon offset projects

Cherryta Yunia

Forestry & Marine Sustainability Management

Former senior project manager and director in the Ministry of Environment & Forestry

Shankar Sivaprakasam

Satellite Sensing & Detection Algorithms

Proprietor of Eartheye Technologies, a leading practitioner of space data analytics based on satellite reconnaissance of ecosystems

Dan Bowman

Legal & Business Advisor

Former chief legal officer of Freeport Indonesia with responsibility for government relations and community outreach; GIS mapping & carbon credit advisory experience

Bill Sinclair

Civil Engineer, Environmental & Biodiversity

Director of Consultex engineering & project management consulting company; formerly SMEC & SNC-Lavalin Jakarta-based senior management


Environmental & Social Licensing, Process Safety Control

Professor at IPB (State Agricultural University), Bogor

Prijo Hutomo

HSE & Contract Management

An acknowledged leader in HSE management; former VP HSE for Star Energy & Barito Group; has overseen registration of carbon offset projects

Rini Indyastuti

Biodiversity Field Officer & Database Manager

Biology lecturer, Duta Wacana Christian University; author, Biodiversity of Avivauna Lembah Kebar Papua

Robert Tanjung

Field Officer

Former field officer and representative of North Kalimantan Forestry Department

Luke Rowe

Land Rights Advisor

Senior property market consultant at JLL with project marketing & development experience

Chris Bennett

Policy & Strategy (Currently under contract to GGGI)

Advisor to Ministry of Environment & Forestry and aid agencies; proponent of “participatory zonation” approach to conservation & community outreach


Bret Mattes

Operations Manager & Team Leader

Highly successful petroleum finder, seismic stratigrapher and reservoir modeller; long career with Shell and BHP Billiton in a variety of basin settings and jurisdictions

Niclas Biornstad

Field Superintendent

Long experience in reservoir and field management in Europe, the US, Indonesia and Brazil; deep knowledge of Indonesian oil & gas field operations

Robert Lemmey

Facilities Manager

Senior operations executive and Vice President of Halliburton for more than 30 years; deep experience in production well management, reservoir behavior, facilities management and safety

Bradford Sincock

Reservoir Engineer

One of Indonesia’s most experienced petroleum and reservoir engineers, having moved from the US in 1987; a leading expert and trainer in petroleum industry software

Prijo Hutomo

HSE Manager

An acknowledged leader in HSE management; former VP HSE for Star Energy & Barito Group; Indonesian member of the Global Methane Initiative

Amir Harahap

Technical Manager

Long career with Pertamina in oil & gas process design, procurement, operations, cost management and compliance

Maroth Toeante

Government & Stakeholder Relations Manager

Director of Numada’s partner company Ekamaro Sakti; extensive experience of risk, contract structuring, compliance and Indonesian institutional & regulatory environment

Tom Shreve

Finance Manager

An Indonesian capital markets leader with long experience of corporate finance planning and finance function management



Frank is a successful operational leader with extensive experience in the food, petrochemical, mining and logistics supply chain industries. He has an operational and technical background and a track record of successful business transformation initiatives at senior management and director level. He delivers substantial cost savings based on rigorous implementation processes and motivation of people.

He has held Supply Chain Director, Operations Director, Country Manager and Factory Manager positions across South East Asia as well as Director/Vice President level experience of leading and implementing major initiatives for blue chip companies. Frank is currently Director of Triple EFF Consulting, a company he established in Indonesia in 2015.


An experienced and versatile General Manager with a substantial track record of successfully growing international blue-chip building materials and manufacturing operations. Ian has over 30 years experience building and managing businesses in UK, Asia and South Africa.

He has a wide range of experience covering supply chain management, new market entry, strategic business development and manufacturing focused on bottom-line growth. Ian has also successfully implemented ISO9001 accreditation, LEAN manufacturing initiatives and is an expert in culture and change management. 


Perry is a senior consultant and attorney specializing in project management, project and corporate finance, and mergers and acquisitions with over 25 years’ professional experience in private practice and as a General Counsel of multinational corporations.

Perry has led various deals in the Energy, Petrochemicals, Offshore Marine Services businesses. He is based in Indonesia and speaks fluent Indonesian. Perry is a graduate of the University of Washington in Seattle and Cornell Law School. In his spare time Perry is a marathon runner.


Over the past 30 years, Chris Bennett has worked mostly in Indonesia, but also in other Asian, African and Central American countries, on natural resource management and governance with a special focus on forestry and agroforestry.  His analytical work has centered on the root causes of unsustainability or the three U’s, Uncertainty of Tenure, Undervaluation of Resources and Under-regulation of Negative Externalities as well as the persistent challenge of achieving broad-based acceptance that conservation and economic growth can be mutually-reinforcing.

In recent years, Chris has worked on the establishment of equitable spatial certainty to encourage investments by smallholders, rural communities and the private sector in renewable natural resources. Most recently this work has focused on participatory zonation and licensing to align formal land use status with societal functions including habitat and species conservation values.

Mr Bennett is an Adjunct Professor at the Faculty of Land & Food Systems, University of British Columbia (UBC)


Rod has spent over 30 years in Asia working extensively in the energy business with nearly 20 years of that with Rolls-Royce based in Japan, China, India, Indonesia and Singapore. Over more recent years he has been in a leading role in geothermal power project development in Indonesia with a major international joint venture. This role included overall project management responsibility. He then moved into business development for an international geothermal drilling company given his extensive knowledge of the Asian market.

 In April 2015 whilst based in Indonesia Rod joined a new geothermal development company with overall responsibility for the South East Asia region including Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines before moving to Jersey ito head up their geothermal project development business with a focus on Scandinavia, Northern Europe, East Africa and India. In April 2019 Rod returned to Indonesia and was appointed as an associate of PT Numada.

Rod is a graduate of the University of Sheffield in the UK with an Honours degree in Mathematics.


For 10 years, Radja was Director in charge for Fega Marikultura, to date the only significant open sea aquaculture business in Indonesia, establishing a vertically integrated operation with hatchery, processing plant and a barramundi grow out farm in Pulau Seribu, Jakarta. He was solely responsible for sales and marketing, and successfully upgraded a processing plant to international standards, obtaining certification from ISO, BRC and IFS accreditation bodies.

Radja served as President Director of Ferrostaal Indonesia until 2018. Prior to his time at Fega Marikultura, he was a Department Head at DaimlerChrysler Indonesia. Radja has a degree in mechanical engineering from ISTN Jakarta.


Malcolm A R Llewellyn OBE is a cement industry expert with an extensive track record in the construction and management of cement plants around the world over a period of four decades. He has managed 18 different operations – including positions as General Manager and CEO with blue chip international companies – across the UK, Africa and Asia. In addition to his work in the cement industry, he has experience in shipping, contract negotiation and financing. He also set up a light transport business for which he raised venture capital in the UK.

Mr. Llewellyn is a past chair of the British Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia, and in 2010 was awarded an OBE for his service to British business in Indonesia.