Contract Analysis and Review

As soon as practical after contract finalisation, Numada carries out a detailed analysis of the full contract document in order to do two things :

  • ensure that all modifications created during the evolution from tender to final agreement have been properly noted.
  • compile a summary outlining the interpretation of each key contractual element in simple language to enable the project team to better understand, obviating the need for each team member to make his/her own (and possibly different) interpretation.

To minimise contractual risks, Numada clarifies the details of the contract by extracting the key data such as :

  • deliverables,
  • bonds and guarantees,
  • site possession, commencement, partial and overall completion dates,
  • penalties and damages,
  • risks (‘hidden’ or apparent),
  • particular conditions,
  • warranties
  • other contract specific obligations.

Following the completion of the contract analysis and review, Numada will establish a contract administration system.