Selected Deals

Sell Side
Manufacturing Company
Infrastructure Sector

Key Data:
Successful privately held pre-cast concrete company founded in 1990
2018 revenues: Rp.167 billion
Production and revenues have increased over 50% since 2015.
Located near Jakarta
Debt free
Currently in Exclusive Due Diligence

Sell Side
Security Company
Services Sector

Key Data:
Successful privately held security company 1998 (PMA)
2018 Revenues: Rp.30 billion
Production and revenues have increased by over 30% since 2015
Significant growth expected 2019-2020
HQ Jakarta
Limited working capital debts

Project Development

Sustainable Forestry Project

Key Data:
Raising USD 1.6 million for early stage development works
52 villages pledged over 2 million Ha of forest and other use lands to the project so far

Village-led Independent Power Project

Key Data:
Villages with existing shrimp farming infrastructure require over 100MW of power
Phase 1: Initial 20MW gas fired
Phase 2: Hybrid Solar-Gas Project up to at least 100MW

Geothermal Portfolio

Key Data:
Developing a portfolio of Geothermal Projects across Indonesia and ASEAN
Currently in negotiations with Government and local stakeholders
Targeting 300 to 500 MW of capacity


International Finance Corporation

LNG Linking Project  – Indonesia
Exploring viability of small to medium scale LNG Logistics
Examining feasibility of Flare Gas monetization in conjunction with the World Bank Global Flare Reduction Programme


USAID Integrated Land and Resource Governance Program (IRLG)
Support to the Drafting of the USAID/Indonesia Land Tenure Assessment

Peatland Preservation and Restoration

Financial and Corporate advisor to a leading company in the carbon sequestration sector. 

Distressed Assets

Sell Side

Three star hotel located in Java
Closed since 2018. Still in good condition with all fittings intact
75% occupancy rate during final year of operation
Appraised asset value of IDR 122 billion – available for considerably less

Sell Side
Apartments, Hotel & Mall Complex

Located in Jakarta near to railway station and toll road
3 star Hotel, Mall, Offices and Apartment development
Available for sale at well below asset valuation