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Enviromental Services

We craft solutions that will decrease your project’s risk and increase sustainability. We are motivated by providing solutions that are technically innovative, financially feasible and environmentally sound. We help to embed the principles of sustainability whether it is delivering strategic or practical solutions for development projects, existing corporate operations or donor funded programs.

Our team of associates have been working in Indonesia for decades and bridge technical disciplines to craft bespoke project solutions.

Environmental Peer Review Services

Independent checking with fresh eyes: Numada provides peer review services for third party Impact Assessments and Environmental and Social Risk Assessments for projects in natural resource, manufacturing, energy and infrastructure sectors. We help clients validate key issues related to site risks in order to quantify hot spots and potentially realize savings in capital, schedule and operating costs.


Habitat & Baseline Mapping

Snails could halt a project… Project due diligence for planned or existing facilities in sensitive areas can now be assessed by state of the art, high resolution remote site mapping and habitat classification according to IFC’s PS6 guidelines. This can save valuable deal time and yield a robust indication of biodiversity and habitat significance and therefore project risk. We can prepare bespoke Indonesian specific databases for project sites that span ecology, endangered species to critical baseline metrics such as socio-economic conditions. This means that we can offer – at a very early stage – deeper site assessments, scrutiny for sensitive species and a good understanding of baseline conditions. Our mapping also provides a basis and clear rationale to scope any follow up physical surveys by conventional ecologists.


Due Diligence Services

How to know what you are buying? Our due diligence service provides investors with risk evaluations that help deals happen with greater confidence. We understand that every transaction presents a unique set environmental and social risks, liabilities and opportunities which require robust quantification as part of the due diligence process. We can provide Environmental Site Assessments to help clients identify and manage risk and exposure. Our time-sensitive advice on risk and materiality aims to assist decision making on transactions and investments plans.


Hazardous Waste Management

It could now be game over for your project if you produce B3 waste: The new Indonesian hazardous waste regulations present significant implications for waste producers or handlers. We can assists private sector clients assess and implement sustainable waste management practices like waste delisting to avoid costly management liabilities associated with B3 waste such as slag and mine tailings. We can design innovative approaches to testing as part of optimizing resources use and protecting the environment from hazardous and non-hazardous wastes streams.